Little Oaks - Forest School

We place great importance on time spent outdoors and we are lucky to have a fully accredited Forest School teacher among our team.

The ethos of Forest School is to allow children the time and space to develop skills, confidence, self-esteem understanding of the world through hands-on experiences in a natural environment. Amongst other things, we care for plants, grow vegetables and discover the world of mini beasts. We observe the changing seasons, patterns in nature and we play and learn in a physically and mentally stimulating way. Think of it as a combination of mud, education and pure joy!

We are lucky to be surrounded by woodland and countryside, which makes Forest School a more regular part of the curriculum than it might be elsewhere. The children love their time in Forest School and, without exception, they thrive in the outdoor environment. As a result, we see an increase in their self-confidence, communication, learning capacity, attention span, and emotional well-being.